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When my first born was a baby, now grown with her own baby, I am proud to say I made my own baby food! To be honest and open, I am not sure why I did because I didn’t have the health and wellness training or knowledge about the health hazards of pesticides, GMO’s and additives in foods that I have now. I had to think for a while to what it was that encouraged me at the time. It may have been the fact that we lived on a military base in Spain and choices of store bought instant foods were limited, and I remember tasting the jars I bought and being disgusted about how little flavor they had. In fact, they tasted damn awful! I also believe I had some positive “mothers” influence, and remember how my mom made my nephew’s food in the blender when caring for him, and it tasted so good!

When my baby was born, I had lots of good influences around me. I lived on a military base in another country where our friends became family, and I feel blessed to remember having many motherly people around me too. Having your first child can be overwhelming at times and I feel I had so much support even though I was far from home.



Looking back I believe even without training about the benefits of eating healthy and good nutrition, I instinctively wanted to protect my child and do the best I could for her. I had been given some items that were really cool at the time as baby shower gifts, as well as a blender and a very informative book on natural healthy baby care. I also was blessed to have the wisdom from older moms who wanted to help guide me. With that and my memories of my mom’s yummy homemade baby food I feel I was on track in a good direction.


I was so very happy when my daughter told me she had a baby food maker and asked if I wanted to come over to help make my granddaughters food. I was actually skipping with joy as this is my passion and seeing our granddaughter eating healthy fresh food which has not been stored on a shelf for goodness knows how long made me feel relieved. I was excited to see her new babycook machine and help pick out some organic fruits and veggies. I am now looking for natural silicone trays or storage ideas for my daughter to make storage easy and safe.

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How you feed your child now will have a big impact on how healthy or sick they are as adults…

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” -Hippocrates


Your child will really thank you for doing the best you can to give her a good start. Babies and older children learn so much from what their parents do. Parents have a huge influence on their kids. When they see their parents eating healthy and being enthusiastic about cooking good food they will often eventually follow in their footsteps. Years ago we knew a family who often said in front of the child  “she doesn’t like vegetables” or  “she doesn’t like anything green”. Oh my…. I guess she grew up to not like these things and it was really the parents who didn’t like these things and the kids followed their guidance. They grew up to dislike healthy food, and that is so very sad.

We think our granddaughter looks pretty healthy for being mostly breast fed and eating healthy organic fresh foods 🙂

kenny and Buddah


Here are some very good reasons and comparisons for you to consider for homemade baby food:

1. Cheaper and you will save money overall

2. Much more nutritious

3. Tastes better!

4. Fun and rewarding to make, get creative and know what is in your child’s food

5. Hard to believe but you’re actually saving time too, no labels to read to check its ingredients, you can make enough for two weeks in one weekend afternoon, or a few hours of time. Reduce shopping trips and stress. Feeding will be more fun as your child will enjoy it so much more.


I am so excited to see how far we have come in the availability of modern convenience gadgets such baby food makers now! How cool is that! I love seeing these tools which help moms feed their babies healthy food and save money at the same time. We used to use plastic ice trays! Now there are so many cool choices for storing baby food . If you make enough food to store for a month even you are still feeding your child fresher than store bought jars which have a shelf life of several years! That is like dead food! As a Grandmother, I do hope to share my wisdom to the younger ones. What you do now will pay off later, your baby needs you to do the best you can to give her a good start. So have fun and be creative!


Buy organic, GMO free whenever possible. This will help avoid so many possible sicknesses later. I like to add a little vinegar to the water I am washing veggies and fruits in to help make sure its washed well.  Avoid sugar unless it’s from natural fruits, avoid grains like wheat and corn as much as possible, and use oats, quinoa, or at least ancient GMO free organic grains. Think, less grains, less inflammation. Sweet potatoes are better than white, and use ancient sprouted organic rice, not regular white rice. The biggest part of the diet the first year should be mostly breast milk, fruits, and veggies. This will also help avoid future allergies and food sensitivities. If breast feeding for at least a year is not an option, please research, as many instant formulas are not very healthy, and choose GMO free, organic if possible. Its sure is the best investment you will make! Happy baby food making! Enjoy and make it fun!

Blessings, Susan~


  1. This is so great. I’m happy you wrote about this. It’s important for people to look at other options. We need to get back to basics. Making good for our babes is a labor of love. And a great way to know exactly what’s going into their precious bodies.

  2. Great insight and information! It’s sad how we were told to feed our babies from jars. You are right about gadgets, now we all have easy blenders , food processors to easily puree a fresh organic fruit or veggie. Why do we have to give babies pureed meat? Disgusting ! I wouldn’t want to eat that either. Enjoy!

    • I know it is sad when there are gadgets like this cute little machine to make it so simple to make. I think all moms should taste the difference and see how feeding time can bed so much more enjoyable 🙂

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