Life & Health Coaching

There are many benefits to life coaching, although by no means do I tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. I will help you open the doors to your own peace of mind, your own intuitive knowing to help reach your goals, spiritually, mentally and physically. Many people find it helpful to not only improve health and relationships but to feel much more self confident and get a feeling of passion for life.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Finding balance
  • Improving relationships
  • Respecting and being at peace with self
  • Simplifying life helping to reduce stress and make more time for fun
  • Finding your own passion which may be buried just below the surface

Health coaching can help you to open the door to your own knowing, guiding you gently to make the better choices you wish to make for better health and wellness of the mind body and spirit, and most importantly managing stress as stress has huge affects on the immune system and mental health. My belief is that many childhood diseases and health issues can be avoided or greatly decreased with diet changes and managing stress. Health coaching can help you make those changes you already know is best for yourself or your child. I look on the body as the “Temple of the Soul” and the vehicle to carry us around for many, many years. Would you think of putting junk into your new car and expect it to last a long time and run well? In today’s world of high technology we are constantly bombarded with toxins, in our foods, exposure to electronics, water & air. We cannot avoid it all but we can strengthen the immune system with better food choices, exercise, positive happy thoughts and herbs. 

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