“I’ve had two sessions with Susan and she is amazing! I haven’t felt this good in a couple of years and getting closer to feeling like the authentic me (happy and at peace).” Kathy Clark, Phoenix, AZ 

“My sessions with Susan have been extremely helpful in getting me to address issues within my soul. She was able to pinpoint things that I hadn’t mentioned to her, that have been eating away at my psyche for awhile. I am currently working on those things and she is teaching me ways to let go of past hurts so that I can focus on being present as much as possible in my life. She is very kind and gentle, yet direct. She has always been able to point out to me where I need to be in life in terms of nurturing a healthier spirit.  I highly recommend working with her.” Laurie Wright, Austin, TX

“I have had one session with Susan and I will defintely be going back for more. She is incredible. She is very caring and compassionate. she is truly gifted in healing. I felt wonderful after our session. She provided me with tools and techniques to use to relax and get back in balance. I feel blessed to have met her and to be able to obtain her services.” Laura Milam, Phoenix, AZ 

“I’ve known Susan for a number of years in her capacity as a Massage Therapist and can attest to both her abilities and dedication to a ‘patient first’ attitude. My experience has been both as a client and utilizing Susan in a services capacity for our clients. Susan has a  wonderful touch and can easily adapt for both personal preferences as well as attention to specific areas requiring therapeutic massage. In addition, she does an excellent job of creating a peaceful and relaxing environment for the client.” Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo, Living Health, Austin, TX

“I want all to know about Susan … I’ve had 4 sessions with her thus far and two over the phone. BTW phone sessions are just as great! Susan is an amazing woman! Susan has helped me think for myself to get me where I needed to be in the right now. I see my life on such a new level. I no longer am crying tears of sadness but I’m crying tears of joy!”  Coco fashion consultant, Phoenix, AZ

“Before meeting Susan I was really looking for a an accessory to my spiritual compass. I felt like I was going in the right direction but I felt my execution was lacking something. I was hoping to find a way to retool my approach to life, especially in regards to my career and what to do next. Susan helped me by giving me a bit more insight into the how and why of who I am. Learning a bit more about myself and my numbers helped me to paint a clearer picture of what was necessary and what wasn’t. What worked and what didn’t. I felt much better after communicating with Susan. I feel like I was able to trust my instincts further and “cut the fluff”. I would absolutely recommend Susan and I have! My recommendation to them would be to leave their ego at the door. Understand that you don’t know everything about yourself. Even for someone like me who spends an extensive amount of time on self study, there is always more to learn. Susan is extremely easy going. You don’t have to worry about judgement and there isn’t much she can’t connect with you on. You can tell that Susan has lived many lives and she translates that into her sessions. Susan is truly a unique and beautiful soul!” Emmanuel Smith, Personal trainer, New York, NY

“When I met Susan I had all sorts going on! I had just moved to a new country and found myself in a reflective part of my life where it was time to assess my next direction and give some space to dealing with some old emotions, that unfortunately I’d brought over with me! I also had a number of physical malaises that I had learnt to ‘put up with’ (as we would say in England) – a dysfunctional shoulder blade and regular debilitating migraines, that I had always put down to hormonal changes. I was taking the strongest migraine medication available and had been doing so for the last 9 years. In England we have the NHS (National Health Service) so I could get a box of my medication for about $15. I brought some with me but knew that soon I would need to start buying it here – a visit to CVS informed me that here it would cost me $420 a box! I have to say it has been a very good medication in helping me manage my life around my migraine days and the looming cost did make me start thinking of seeking alternatives but, to be honest, I was ready to say ‘no more migraines, let’s try a different approach!’

Susan started by doing my numbers (numerology), helping me to understand the sort of person I am. This was really useful in helping me look at my habits and tendencies and how they were affecting my life. She spent many hours talking to me and getting to know how I felt about various things. Each time she would also do some polarity therapy and massage, whatever I needed that week. She was amazing at tailoring the treatment to what I needed each time and assessing what else needed to be worked on. Eventually she advised me to visit a chiropractor to deal with some of the deeper bodywork I needed. I had three visits to a chiropractor who made lots of adjustments, especially to my neck and shoulder and hips. During those visits I learnt that I have flat feet and that my body is twisted and out of alignment. It was so helpful to know this so that I can work on that. It’s now a month since my last appointment and so far I have not had one single migraine….I have had a few small headaches, which is a new phenomena for me, but I am convinced that the work Susan did got me on the road to recovery. It is an ongoing journey and I will continue to see Susan whenever I can as I am convinced the various techniques she has will keep me on the right track.” Jennie Halbroeder, Phoenix, AZ

“Susan, Thank you for the healing work that you do! I am pain free today and walking great. Where the medical profession failed me and left me on a cane and in constant pain your work has worked miracles! I am med free, cane free and full of strong energy. Bless you! I love you! Big hug!” Alex Vogal, Author & EFT Practitioner, Tempe, AZ

“A gift card I had was why I went to get a relaxing massage. It was during the massage that it was obvious that something was not right with my body. It amazed me how Susan would question me about where the pain was located, such as my foot, and she would work on a different area on my body, my thumb, and amazingly, it eliminated the pain. The gift card got me to go to the first session but Susan’s educated and professional service brought me back for many more.” Mr. Arlen Sykes, M.Ed. Phoenix, AZ

“I have been a client of Mrs Adams for the last several years while she resided here in Austin, TX.  I have found her to be a kind compassionate healthcare professional, always maintaining a high regard for the welfare of her clients.  Being a medical  transcriptionist for over 40 years, she has been instrumental in helping me deal with all the neck and shoulder problems that are inherent in that profession, along with the ageing process that is slowly creeping up.” Diana Rezac, CMT, FAAMT, Austin, TX

“Susan, I feel 10 x better since my Polarity session with you yesterday. I knew I was feeling a bit stagnant energetically but I had no idea it was as extreme as it was. I’m writing myself a prescription for a Polarity healing session ever two weeks until further notice. Your gift of healing is a blessing to those who get to experience it”. Jeremy Elward, Simply Home Repairs

“My name is Hugh Kiefer, I have been a client of Susan Adams for almost three years. I am a stroke survivor and do not have the use of my left arm and leg so massage has been a big part of my recovery and healthcare. I have been receiving massages from Susan twice a week. I have found Susan to be pleasant, dependable and a very gifted therapist. Susan is not only skilled, she is intuitive and provides tremendous relief from pain and tension. My wife Fran and I have traveled the world extensively, having had many massages from top spas and we can truly say that Susan has provided more stress and pain relief than anyone we have ever had massages with. She is caring and nurturing, very skilled and loves her work. We feel she is a gifted healer and feel very sad that she will be leaving Texas soon. We have no hesitation in recommending her and will welcome her back any time.” Hugh & Fran Kiefe, Austin, TX

“I was a massage client of Susan’s in Austin, Texas and really came to appreciate her professional skills, caring attitude and healing hands. More than once she was able to fit me into her schedule and take care of a nagging problem or a painful flare-up of some kind.   She created a safe, nurturing and beautiful environment in which to relax and receive her massage treatments. Susan was also very dedicated to
reading and taking more classes to hone and upgrade her massage skills and understanding. In gratitude for her work …” Pamela Begeman, Austin, TX

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