The Benefits of Earthing

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My interest in Earthing began about a year ago when my daughter’s boyfriend asked me if I had heard of it. Being me, ‘The Research Queen’, I just had to get online and find out more. It sounded like something I would resonate with, and I was sure right about that! I found it fascinating and exciting because so many people were finding health benefits from practicing this cool barefoot Earthing. We can also refer to it as grounding.

Imagine how much time we spend indoors surrounded by wiring and electronics. EMF’s are everywhere, so we certainly can benefit from grounding and getting outdoors! We cannot avoid all modern technology unless we live off grid with no electricity, TV’s, microwave, smart meters, Wi-Fi, cell phone or computers, but we can find ways to counteract the harmful effects of EMF’s.

Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue.
They are developed from small daily sins against Nature.
When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.

I hope one day this topic will be researched more and the doctors will recommend it as an extra health benefit. Wouldn’t that be nice!  Think about modern day shoes, which are made of man-made synthetic materials. Could wearing plastic or rubber soled shoes have ill effects on our health? Some think so, and it makes sense considering the fact we are conductive,  meaning that our bodies conduct electricity. You may have experienced this many times when touching a doorknob and had that little shock, or the static feeling with certain clothes you wear.

Are you giving me the ‘eye roll’ yet? 🙂 Before reading the book ‘Earthing’, by Ober, Sinatra, and Zucker, and experiencing it for myself, I too was skeptical. The book ‘Earthing’ is so well written and makes a great deal of sense. My husband, who is a mechanical engineer and skeptical until proven or experienced, recently read the book at my request and really liked it! In fact, he read the whole book while on a weekend trip with me. We are both looking for shoes made with more natural materials, but have found nothing yet that we are happy with from the regular shoe stores. More on this later, as I am researching several promising possibilities.


My husband Vance has put in his thoughts here …

“We are in a constant battle with free radicals in our body. Free radicals cause inflammation, disrupt our immune system, and cause a general degradation of our cell structure and function. We battle free radicals with a vast array of antioxidants. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and a whole host of nutrients are used to neutralize these free radicals allowing our bodies to return to a healthy balanced life.

The earth is a huge antioxidant. It contains a virtually unlimited source of free electrons that can be used to neutralize free radicals.  All we have to do is make electrical contact to the earth to allow these free electrons to transport into our bodies. One of the reasons we feel so good when at the beach or lake, or walk barefoot in the grass is this connection to the earth which allows us to restore ourselves. The problem in this modern world though, is that we are too synthetic. All the synthetic materials separate and block our connection to the earth. So we have to rely on the antioxidants in our diet which sometimes is insufficient to meet our needs.Earthing, the grounding to earth on a daily basis, is an important part of attaining a healthy, balanced life style. The best connection is bare skin to Earth. When that is not possible then natural materials for shoes like leather which allow you to connect electrically to the Earth to conduct free electrons to move from the Earth to your body is a good alternative“. ~

I think he has some good points! I will add it is important to know that we should only walk barefoot in a safe place, taking care not to step on anything unpleasant. So please be aware and logical and do not to run around barefoot in an unsafe location. I find that just sitting in my garden with my feet on the grass works great, but I’ve been exploring finding shoes that are made with more natural materials and which will help me stay grounded everywhere I go. I have recently found a great company called Earth Runners that make custom made earthing sandals. I’m  looking forward to giving them a try 🙂

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When on vacation or a day trip to the beach, have you ever noticed how energized you feel? I have to wonder if it has anything to do with the amazing energy our bodies are connected with. The sand at the beach is also full of minerals and the salts from the sea. I also find this kind of revitalization on freshly watered grass. I immediately feel a tingling sensation coming up my legs. If you feel at all revitalized after being in nature, chances are you really benefited from the Earth energizing your body.

Camping is a whole new story for another time, but I cannot stress enough about how sleeping so close to the ground can benefit your health, especially with the energy of the trees around you. Your overall health can benefit from more time in nature. If camping is not an option, at least take 20 minutes a day with your feet on the grass, walk on the beach or even gardening. Connecting with nature in general and doing things like gardening and planting flowers has many fabulous benefits and can be very rewarding to pick your own fresh organic vegetables and herbs!

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So get out there folks! Plan a camping trip, go on a picnic, grow a garden, and have fun connecting with nature! Love to all!



  1. Hi. I’m a 52 year old kiwi. Born and bred in a small country town (although now a bustling town that city dwellers desire to live) I grew up barefoot most of the time. It is still acceptable to be seen barefoot but increasingly frowned upon.
    My family are lucky to live close to beaches, bush & farmlands so barefoot walks are common here.
    It’s great & nothing better than a walk along the beach barefoot

    • I totally agree walking along a beach barefoot is amazingly healing. People with anxiety and depression have also noticed improvement with daily beach walks. How nice to live near a beach and farmlands!

  2. We try to get earthing every day and when we need to wear something on our feet instead of being totally barefoot, we wear Earth Runners sandals which are so comfy! At home we use Earthing Oz products to be getting earthing while indoors. It’s great to see more info about the benefits of earthing getting out there, well done guys 🙂

    • Thank you! I am excited to have discovered it and really feel the difference standing barefoot on the grass, especially after a couple hours at the computer it really helps me feel more in balance too:)

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